Responsive Web Design – Adobe Muse Tutorial

Responsive web design

In this tutorial I cover how to set up for responsive web design in Adobe Muse.
Using this technique your websites will adapt responsively to different screen sizes.
From tablets to iMac’s or even a plasma TV screen.
It will not be responsive on mobile screens because as you can’t achieve this in Adobe Muse yet. Unless you create a separate website with mobile layout.

But it is guaranteed to adapt from tablets to very big screens, and everything in between.

Responsive web design has been my first tutorial in English so be patient with me, lol. But I’ll get better after making a few more. And I hope there will be many more to come!

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Thanks a lot for reading and for your support so far, I’m getting more views than I expected, having in consideration that I created the YouTube channel just a few days ago, and that I’m not that fluent in English 🙂


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