94 Out-lined Icons pack Muse Library File

Icons pack muse library file


Out-lined Icons Pack Adobe Muse Library File

This super pack Muse library file comes with 94 out-line style icons, ideal for use on minimalistic and modern designs.
The file will add to your library a single folder called “icons outline” and inside of it you’ll find the 94 icons organized by name to find them easily.

These are common icon shapes used for graphic and web design. It will save you tons of time in finding, editing and importing icons to your Adobe Muse projects. If you don’t have an icons pack in your Adobe Muse library, I don’t even know how you can live without it because it is essential for web design. Once you have them you’ll be addicted to using them on your projects.

Editing the size and colour of the icons is quick and easy but if you’re not yet very familiar with Adobe Muse CC just read on to learn to edit them with a couple of clicks.

To install it: simply download the file, extract it from the ZIP and double click the .mulib file while having Adobe Muse CC opened. This will add a new folder called “icons” to the library panel.

To edit size: simply open the icons folder from the library panel, select any icon and drag it onto the canvas. Then select the icon on the canvas by clicking on it, and resize as needed using the transformation controls.

To change colour: Once your icon is already on the canvas, simply click on it to select it, then go up to the effects panel and and go to the glow tab, which is the third one and just choose any colour you like from the colours palette, simple!

Main Features:

  • Flat Minimalistic Design
  • Big Size to Adapt to any project
  • Muse Library file (.mulib)
  • Compatible with Adobe Muse 7.2 and above
  • Easy to Edit
  • Easy to change color
  • Drag and drop

Please drop a comment saying how would you rate from 0 to 10 this Muse Library file? And if less than 10, what would it take to make it 10? I would love to hear your feedback!
I take every word into consideration and I try to improve my products and website everyday by listening to my users opinions and needs.


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