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Image Gallery Adobe Muse Library File

This Muse library file uses a clean, modern and compact design to feature a large amount of images within a single 733 x 356 rectangle.
The widget comes with four categories: photography, illustrations, Graphic design and web design. And 12 images by default but it is easy to add or remove categories and images as you wish.

Editing this gallery should be a quick and easy task but if you’re not yet very familiar with Adobe Muse CC gadgets and libraries just read on for some basic instructions.

To install it: simply download the file, extract it from the ZIP and double click the .mulib file while having Adobe Muse CC opened. This will add this gallery to the library panel. You will be able to find it under the name “gallery 1”

To edit: simply select the gallery from the library panel and drag it into the canvas. Then select the parts you wish to edit by clicking on them, and change colours or texts to suit your design needs.

To add your own images: the pictures that come by default inside the gallery are just rectangles filled with images. So, to add you own, just double click on any of the images and change the fill with any images you want, simple!

Main Features:

  • Flat Design and Colours
  • Ready for different portfolio categories
  • Muse Library file (mulib)
  • Compatible with Adobe Muse 7.2 and above
  • Widgets Used: Compositions > Featured News
  • Easy to Edit
  • Easy to change color and text
  • Drag and drop

Please drop a comment saying how would you rate from 0 to 10 this Muse Library file? And if less than 10, what would it take to make it 10? I would love to hear your feedback!
I take every word into consideration and I try to improve my products and website everyday by listening to my users opinions and needs.


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