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Responsive Adobe Muse Tempalte – Horizontal Scroll ready

This horizontal scroll Muse template is already set-up to scroll horizontally and to adapt to any screen size from 960px to 1700px. These are the sizes of a tablet screen and a big iMac screen, and this template will adapt to both and anything else in between without losing design or functionality, and most importantly, without having to create a separate website for tablets.

Using this Muse template will save you a lot of time on setting up the document and creating sections, anchors, key-points and parallax settings. And it will ensure the final result will be high quality in terms of responsiveness. Just Download, unzip, run, and start throwing in your own content. The sections are just rectangles filled with a solid colour, so if you want to use images just fill the rectangles with your own images, that’s it!

It is recommended to first design visually, I mean, to have all your content on the stage, well positioned in every section. Then select all the content in one section and set the parallax settings to be the same as the background rectangle from that same section, so that it all will scroll perfectly horizontal like you can see on the demo.

It is recommended to unzip every time you start a new project.

Main Features:

  • Modern and flat Design
  • Responsive Muse Template
  • Horizontal navigation menu bottom pinned
  • Muse file + HTML files
  • compatible with Muse 7.2 and above
  • scrolling parallax ready
  • Easy to Use
  • Drag and drop your content

Please drop a comment saying how would you rate from 0 to 10 this Muse template And if less than 10, what would it take to make it 10? I would love to hear your feedback!
I take every word into consideration and I try to improve my products and website everyday by listening to my users opinions and needs.


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